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Namaste, Ayubowan, Salaam, Greetings,

DEAF DESI DANDIYA (DDD) took place in Carteret, New Jersey, on September 20, 2014, and was a huge success!

New York Tour 2014

Prior to the DDD event, there was a guided tour of New York City on Friday morning. The group went on a shuttle bus from the Executive Suites Hotel to the Rahway Station and took the PATH/Metro train to Cortland St, New York City. Outside was bright open space, and one could look up and see tall buildings, including the World Trade Center and 9/11 Memorial and Museum. Lots of people walked around the two smooth-running memorial fountains. In between was the Museum and a half-bent burned iron beam in opera style, which is not yet completed. One tree burned during the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings, but it was pruned and now it is blooming. Around the corner, there is a solid brass plate on the side of a fire house - Engine 10 with the carving of the firemen's faces looking at the twin towers. The group walked a few blocks to the New York Stock Exchange building. There were big banners with "Alibaba" on the front, which just opened in the market. The group stopped at a park, where they saw the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The Charging Bull statue was also interesting, as lots of people took pictures of themselves with the bull. The group split up, with some taking the metro to Times Square and others walking half way north and then taking the metro. The group met again at Times Square and viewed the open space, which featured lots of entertainment and costumes. Later, the group went to Vatan Restaurant, which served mouth-watering food that is traditional in Gujarati villages.

The DDD program was led by the emcees, Vijay Advani and Anil Phadke, who entertained a lively audience throughout the evening. Divya, the daughter of Vijay and Veena, offered voice-interpretation for those who did not know sign language. Sarita Phadke, Jigar Patel and Veena Advani, the chairs of DDD, provided expertise and support in making the event a success. Also, the DDD chairpersons thanked all the volunteers and guests for coming to the DDD event and making it very memorable.

Deaf Desi Dandiya

Many people danced all day from 12 (Noon) to 12 (Midnight), using vibrations and sticks (dandiya) and going in circles, one of the traditional Indian folk dances. The event included dance lessons followed by a formal dance, along with a scrumptious dinner. There were also prayers prior to the evening portion of the program. The energy at the event was so incredible!

South Asian Deaf people and their friends learned more about MSADA at DDD and were impressed at how DDD had impacted them positively, such that they would like to see DDD continue for at least one or two years. Their wishes have inspired the wonderful chairpersons who successfully led DDD, and were appreciative of MSADA for giving them the opportunity to host a smashing and successful event that was enjoyed tremendously by many adults and children.

MSADA and DDD also extend their gratitude to the wonderful people, Mrs. Arti and Mr. Mukesh Shah and their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Patel of Chowpaaty Restaurant, for their warm hospitality, which contributed to the success of DDD. Their generosity is very special for many of us, who have been touched by their sincere love from their bottom of hearts.

Deaf Desi Dandiya - dancing

Surprisingly, DDD was featured on Live TV ASIA News! Congratulations to Sarita, Veena and Jigar for their great leadership and teamwork!

THANKS EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT AND HAD A WONDERFUL ROCKING TIME! Hope to see you again in future! Enjoy the pictures! NAMASTE! _/l\_


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