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A President's Farewell Message

Farewell to Ramesh Mirchandani

As my term as President comes to an end this year, I reflect on the changes and growth of our group while receiving much support from friends who have been at my side. My mission was almost met in reaching goals in areas such as advocacy, education, awareness and diversity. The board has been brave in developing strong friendships and contributing to causes spanning the seven South Asian countries, both local and far. There is much that remains to be done, and I have great confidence in the leadership of Iris Gomes and Hatim Vali, as the newly elected President and Vice President for MSADA.

During my 12 years' service as president for this organization, I have done work that was sometimes frustrating and hard but necessary, and the end has been unbelievably rewarding. I have been fortunate to work side by side with a committed, hardworking and talented board. I grew with each one of you like family and thank everyone who has supported me. I know the organization will be in good hand, and I will continue to support this organization.

Most of all, my wife Molly and I thank you all, and wish all of us well for the New Year.

Ramesh Mirchandani
MSADA President (2003-2015)

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Farwell to Ramesh M


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