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MSADA is pleased to announce that the first MSADA Scholarship is available!

The MSADA scholarship is open to any one who meets all of the following criteria:

  • Deaf or hard-of-hearing;
  • undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at a college/university in the United States;
  • completed at least one full year of undergraduate studies; and
  • originally descended from one of the South Asian countries: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Maldives.

An award of $500 will be made per semester and will be directly deposited in the student's account at their university.

To apply for the scholarship, please complete the form at the following link:

You will also need to submit a copy of your transcript and an essay. The essay can be in ASL or English - you can choose between either one. After you submit the application, the application will be reviewed by the MSADA Board, and you will be notified of the outcome of your application in one month.

Deadline for Spring 2016: April 30, 2016

Please distribute this announcement to anyone who may be eligible for the scholarship.

Namaste, Ayubowan, Salaam, Greetings!

MSADA has an exciting news for you all --- The Holi festival will be on Saturday, April 30th at Olmsted Green Area, Gallaudet University.

The Holi is the festival of colors or the Festival of Welcoming "Spring". It is time to show the unity of friendship. All colors that are on you are love and friendship.

The holi committee Payal Sharmacharya-Sweet and her team Nayrani Seerattan and Sumit Malik, the students of Gallaudet University are working hard to get the Holi festival for you all to enjoy the fun-filled activities.

The Early Bird Holi Tickets deadline is April 27 2015. Tickets can be purchased through paypal online; or fill out the ticket form and mail with your your check/money order payable to MSADA if cash: Please print & complete, and then contact Nayrani ( for other arrangement.

We look forward to see you there with the colors of unity, love and friendship.

Namaste, Ayubowan, Salaam, Greetings

The Deaf Desi Dandiya (DDD2) is back! The first Dandiya festival took place in New Jersey, on September 20, 2014, was a huge success. About 150 people all over the nation attended the Dandiya and enjoyed the dances and social hours.

Come all!! Join us and dance with us at the most rocking Bollywood/Dandiya Dance extravaganza in town called Carteret, New Jersey.

Dandiya Raas is the most popular dance not only in Gujarat but also in other states throughout India. It is popular in Indian community in the United States. It is a special feature of the Navratri festival. Dandiya is a dance form usually performed in a group, by both men and women. The special feature of the dandiya dance is the colorful attire worn by the dancers and the colorful and beautifully decorated wooden sticks carried by them.

Dandiya is a very energetic and playful dance providing messages through eye contact. The uniqueness of dandiya from the other Indian dance forms is the use of colorful, musical sticks, its dress code, the scope it offers for improvisation, invocation and creativity, and the massive number of dancer in any single programme.

Deaf Desi Dandiya committee - Arti Shali (NJ), Jigar Patel (OH), Sarita Phadke (IL), Veena Advani (TX)

The Deaf Desi Dandiya committee is composed of, Arti Shah, Jigar Patel, Sarita Phadke, and Veena Nandwani-Advani, The team has worked hard to incorporate the unique choreography to make the DDD2 program exciting for you all.

A bit about the team, Arti Shah is from New Jersey, owns a family restaurant called Chowpatty.

Jigar Patel is from Ohio, has a professional career in a Supply Chain Management.

Sarita Phadke is from Illinois, works as a Deaf Services Coordinator at Schaumburg Township.

And Veena Nandwani-Advani is from Texas and is a well-known dancer.

For more information on DDD2, click

Click to view video:

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